Android Kitkat Vs Android Lollipop Features

Android Lollipop Vs Android Kitkat

Android Lollipop has taken from automaton KitKat. however what is new and what are the foremost differences?

Ah, Google automaton, "from small acorns" and every one that; the platform has gone from some pretty humble beginnings to at least one of the dominant mobile platforms within the smartphone and pill house. and therefore the future is even a lot of various, the recent Google I/O 2015 showcase unconcealed a lot of of Google's ambitions to imbed automaton into more connected devices via the web of Things and "smart" homes, vehicles, appliances so on.

The platform has knowledgeable many major revamps since its 1st baby steps, however up to now automaton Lollipop (version five.0) has far and away been the foremost signficant. By the time Lollipop rocked up automaton had been around for a minute and will boast a colossal content, app, and game library via Google Play, insured by legions of developers. Lollipop saw that entire block of heritage get a contemporary new face; Material style, a completely new aesthetic however one that is not only skin deep - it really impacts however the user interacts with the platform.

On high of this, Lollipop has far more support for stylish technology and options, together with 64-bit system design to stay things bang up-to-date.

The first wave of updates is currently fully swing with Motorola and Samsung confirming unleash schedules for all of the 2013/14 hardware. we have a tendency to coated the broader plans of HTC, LG and Sony within our Where’s My Lollipop feature, that is updated frequently with news concerning update programming and rollouts. 

Apple’s recent earnings decision is stuff of legend. the corporate created more cash in 3 months than Tesco has created within the past ten years. spectacular don’t cut it; Apple is creating money like no one else on the earth. 


But it’s not simply Apple that has one thing to brag concerning in Q1 2015. Nope! Google will too, once its automaton platform hit the ONE BILLION cargo mark. we have a tendency to simply received word from Strategy Analytics that one billion automaton smartphones were shipped in 2014 –– the primary time for any mobile platform. 

Neil Mawston, executive at Strategy Analytics, added, “Android shipped one.0 billion smartphones worldwide in 2014, rising from zero.8 billion units in 2013. automaton has become the primary ever smartphone OS to ship over one billion units during a single year. automaton accounted for an enormous eighty one p.c share of all smartphones shipped globally in 2014, and Apple iOS remains its solely serious threat for currently. Apple iOS shipped 192.7 million smartphones worldwide in 2014, capturing fifteen p.c share. The new iPhone half dozen and half dozen and models have recently re-energized Apple’s growth and their bigger-screen styles have fleetly gained traction among flush customers.”

The android Lollipop 5.1 update itself is very large and, if you’re running a Motorola or Nexus device, you may see it all told its glory. Mercifully, loads of Android’s massive players have began toning down their custom skins in sight of Lollipop. the foremost notable, however, is Samsung that confirmed plans to form TouchWiz aboard the Galaxy S6 a lot of just like the uxor found on Google’s Nexus half dozen. 

The BIG upset automaton Lollipop, or, the factor the majority, providing they’re running a French telephone with a stock automaton uxor, is Material style –– Google’s end-to-end design of automaton from the bottom up. It’s an enormous visual amendment that’s jam-choked with a lot of new options and enhancements. we have a tendency to elaborate a range of automaton Lollipop's Best New options. And There’s hundreds a lot of below the hood waiting to be discovered too.  

Android Wear is additionally a reasonably vital addition to the automaton fold too, and Google has created developing apps for wearables as simple as doable. At launch, Google confirmed developers would able to simply rejigg their applications with easy cryptography to leverage the growing variety of wearable devices running automaton Wear.

Google simply pushed out the primary major update to automaton Lollipop. referred to as automaton Lollipop version five.1, the update was free with ZERO fanfare and simply variety of happened. at the start targeted at automaton One handsets, 5.1 is believed to bring with it lots of updates and tweaks –– although most can board the rear finish. 

Not abundant is thought concerning the update itself, officially, anyways, however automaton Pit has done some excavation and uncovered specific build numbers for the Nexus five, Nexus nine and Nexus half dozen, that ar as follows:

Android 5.1; Nexus five Build/LMY29C
Android 5.1; Nexus nine Build/LMY22E
Android 5.1; Nexus half dozen Build/LMY22E
Google did not publish a changelog however multiple reports currently claim this update is that the one we have a tendency to detected concerning late last year.

Android Lollipop Review –– Extract

Here’s Associate in Nursing extract from our full automaton Lollipop Review:

"Google secure massive things with automaton five.0, and on the full it's delivered. The new Material style means automaton is not best to Apple's iOS once it involves look, and a immensely increased notification system makes it easier than ever to stay track of things. alternative new options, appreciate good Lock, User accounts and App promise, are available in terribly handy too, and we're bound to see them derived elsewhere. 

"One factor we have a tendency to did notice running the software system on the Nexus five is that there ar often stutters and pauses, and therefore the whole expertise is arguably less sleek than automaton four.4. this is often maybe not massively shocking, as Google is launching the shiny new Nexus half dozen aboard its latest OS.

"Minor grumbles aside, Android 5.0 has modified the sport – once more. Google's large struggle with Apple goes on regardless, except for the nowadays, it's automaton, that ought to be thought of the mobile OS to beat. Android 5.0 is jam-choked with practicality, boasts spectacular customisation choices and inflated security. It extremely is one in every of the foremost spectacular –– and satisfying –– updates I’ve ever tested." 


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